Israel and the Occupied Territories: Dr Rabah Hasan ‘Abd ‘Al-‘Aziz Mohanna -Administrative detention

Dr Rabah Mohanna is a 42-year-old senior doctor from the Rimal area of Gaza City and Vice-President of the Arab Medical Association in Gaza. He was arrested on 29 October 1991, the eve of the Middle East Peace Conference in Madrid, to which he publicly stated his opposition on a number of occasions. On 30 October he was issued with a six-month administrative detention order. The authorities have reportedly alleged that he is a prominent leader in the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. Dr Rabah Mohanna is reported to suffer from chronic gall stones, a duodenal ulcer and chronic bronchitis. He is currently held in Ketziot detention centre. No date has yet been set for an appeal against his detention.

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