Israel and the Occupied Territories: Israel must put an immediate end to the policy and practice of assassinations

Index Number: MDE 15/056/2003

Ahead of the Israeli Supreme Court hearing on the state’s policy of assassinating Palestinians whom they suspect of involvement in attacks against Israelis, Amnesty International calls for an immediate end to the policy and practice of assassinations. For many years the Israeli army and security services have pursued a policy of extrajudicially executing Palestinians, without offering any proof of guilt and no right of defence. The pursuit of this policy has also resulted in the unlawful killing of scores and injury of hundreds of bystanders, including children. The Israeli authorities’ justifications for the policy of assassinations are neither borne out by the facts nor supported by international law. The Israeli army has at its disposal alternative, lawful means to address threats posed by those suspected of involvement in attacks against Israelis. Respect for the rule of law and the protection of the right to life requires that the policy of assassinating those who do not pose an imminent threat to lives be ruled unlawful and be stopped.

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