Israel and the Occupied Territories: Dr Ibrahim Isma’il Husayn al-Habash – Administrative detention

Index Number: MDE 15/039/1990

The above-named, a doctor in charge of the maternity ward of the Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, was arrested on 9 September 1990 and issued with a six-month administrative detention order dated 26 August 1990. The reason given for his detention was that he was allegedly an organizer of “popular committees”. The General Security Service (GSS) representative at his appeal apparently stated that these committees were “quasi-judicial” but gave no further explanation. He reportedly stressed that the committees in question were not involved in violence. Dr Al-Habash appealed against the order, with the result that his detention was shortened by 70 days. AI believes it reasonable to conclude, on the basis of the evidence available, that he is a prisoner of conscience.

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