Israel and the Occupied Territories: Update on ‘Abd al-Ra’uf Ghabin – 30th Anniversary Campaign

This report updates the case of ‘Abd al-Ra’uf Ghabin which was featured in the AI 30th Anniversary Campaign in 1991 (ACT 31/01/91). It gives information about responses from the Israeli authorities to allegations that ‘Abd al-Ra’uf Ghabin was tortured in interrogation while in administrative detention in 1990: the fact sheet issued by the Israeli Ministry of Justice on 8 April 1991, denying these allegations, is appended, along with an addendum to the Fact Sheet, which again denies allegations of torture and states that Ghabin had failed a polygraph test. An affidavit signed by ‘Abd al-Ra’uf Ghabin, disputing the contents of the Fact Sheet and its addendum, is also appended.

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