Israel and the Occupied Territories: Oral statement to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights on the Israeli Occupied Territories

This oral statement summarizes AI’s human rights concerns in the Israeli Occupied Territories. AI drew attention to the detention of some 10,000 Palestinians on security grounds, including up to 140 who are held in administrative detention and urged the Israeli Government promptly to review their situation. Over 200 detainees are held in the Khiam detention centre in south Lebanon outside any legal framework and without access to relatives or the ICRC. At least 20 Lebanese nationals taken prisoner in Lebanon between 1986-1989 appear to be held to use in exchanges for missing Israeli soldiers and South Lebanon Army members, who are possibly being held to obtain the release of detaines from Israel or Khiam. AI is concerned about shootings of Palestinians, including children, by Israeli security forces and by abuses committed by Palestinian armed groups.

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