Israel and the Occupied Territories: ‘Abd al-Ra’uf Ghabin – administrative detention

The above-named was arrested on 30 August 1990. After 18 days he was brought before a judge and had his detention extended by 70 days – his lawyer was not present. On 28 September he was visited by another lawyer and reported to have been deprived of sleep for long periods and to have been beaten on the face, abdomen and genitals. ‘Abd al-Ra’uf Ghabin was issued with a six-month detention order on 22 October 1990. At the appeal hearing, it was alleged that he was a member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) and that he had distributed leaflets. His sentence was reduced by nearly two months. AI does not yet know if ‘Abd al- Ra’uf Ghabin is a prisoner of conscience; AI also fears that he may not have been allowed to challenge his order effectively.

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