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Iraq: Assistant Judge Convicted In Unfair Trial: Hatsyar Wshyar

, Index number: MDE 14/1881/2020

On 24 November 2019, the Kurdish security forces, also known as Asayish, arrested Hatsyar Wshyar, assistant judge in Sulaymaniyah court, and held him in solitary confinement for seven days, during which he was reportedly tortured. On 2 December 2019, following an unfair trial, he was sentenced to one year in prison for “misuse of electronics” over social media posts. Currently serving his sentence in Sulaymaniyah prison, he has been on hunger strike since 2 February 2020. He awaits trial on 8 March 2020 for a second lawsuit under the same charge. Authorities must release Hatsyar Wshyar immediately and unconditionally, drop all charges, and ensure a prompt, independent, impartial and effective investigation into the torture allegations.