Egypt: Further information: Heavy sentences against unjustly jailed couple: Aisha el-Shater, Mohamed Abo Horeira

On 5 March, an emergency court sentenced Aisha el-Shater and her husband lawyer Mohamed Abo Horeira to ten and 15 years in prison, respectively. They were convicted on bogus charges stemming from their family links and peaceful exercise of their human rights following a grossly unfair trial. The Egyptian authorities have been subjecting Aisha el-Shater to torture by holding her in prolonged solitary confinement and denying her access to adequate healthcare for her serious health condition. The couple have also been banned from any family visits for over four years. Concerns over Mohamed Abo Horeira’s wellbeing have also been heightened amid alarming reports of torture and other ill-treatment in Badr 3 prison where he is held.

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