Egypt: Ten years of torture

This document presents evidence of a pattern of torture gathered by Amnesty International over the last ten years from torture victims, court judgements and forensic reports. The following individual cases are described: Mahmoud Mohammad Hassan, Basil ‘Abd al-Muhsin Hammouda, Magdi Gharib, Mohammad Mu’taz ‘Ali ‘Abd al-Karim, Hana’ ‘Ali Farrag, Dr Ahmed Isma’il Mahmoud, Mohammad Khalaf Youssef, Dr Mohammad Mandour and Abu al- ‘Ala Madi Abu al-‘Ala. Medical reports on the following cases are summarized: Mamdouh ‘Ali Youssef, ‘Abdallah ‘Ali Hassanayn, Safwat Ahmed ‘Abd al-Ghani and ‘Adel Sayyid Qassim Sha’ban. The progress of official investigations into complaints of torture is examined and the Egyptian Government’s response to an earlier AI report is reproduced here.

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