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Bahrain: Former MP al-Tamimi Targeted Amidst General Stifling of Freedom of Expression

, Index number: MDE 11/0643/2019

Amnesty International today condemned the continuing government harassment of former Bahraini member of parliament Osama Muhana al-Tamimi. The actions against al-Tamimi come in a climate of escalated state intimidation aiming to quash free expression. In addition to official agencies’ actions against al-Tamimi – including multiple summonses and an attempt to confiscate his personal phone without a warrant – there have been a number of incidents targeting al-Tamimi’s businesses and personal safety in recent years which the government has failed to adequately investigate. The broader context involves a series of recent statements by the highest officials, including the King, that criticism of government, especially on social media, will not be tolerated.

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