The Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe (CSCE): Human rights in the new Europe: the CSCE in search of a role

Index Number: IOR 52/003/1992

This paper deals with issues of major concern to AI during the fourth follow-up meeting of the CSCE from 24 March to 10 July 1992. Known as “Helsinki II”, this meeting will discuss major structural reforms of the CSCE; the outcome may decide if the organization has any credible, long- term role in the protection of human rights in Europe. AI’s chief concerns during Helsinki II are: the development of new ways to implement existing CSCE human rights committments; publicizing the aims and activities of the CSCE; the participation of Non-governmental Organizations in the CSCE process; and the formulation of new commitments in the areas of refugee protection, the death penalty and conscientious objection.

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