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HRC42 - ITEM 4: Situations that require the attention of the Council

, Index number: IOR 40/1033/2019

At the 42d session of the Human Rights Council, under the General Debate on Item 4 -- human rights situations that require the Council's attention – Amnesty International called: for an independent and impartial investigation into credible allegations that up to one million predominantly Muslim people are being arbitrarily detained in internment camps across the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, and on China to allow full and unfettered access to the region for independent human rights monitors; for a monitoring mechanism over the human rights violations in Saudi Arabia, and on Saudi Arabia to immediately and unconditionally all detained for exercise of their human rights; and on states engaging in Egypt’s November 2019 Universal Periodic Review to focus their recommendations on the situation of the death penalty, unfair trials, torture and other ill-treatment, arbitrary detention, enforced disappearances, violence against women and girls, the targeting of human rights defenders and independent voices, and patterns of reprisals.

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