Croatia: Ill-treatment / fear of further ill-treatment

D.B., I.N., I.M., Jovanka Relic (f, 61), Milan Veljaca (69), Milka Maljkovic (f, 65), Ljuba Borojevic (f, 60), Jovan Borojevic (71) and other Croatian Serbs: According to reports from the Croatian Helsinki Committee for Human Rights and others, several Croatian Serbs and others were ill-treated by police on 14 May 1997 in Hrvatska Kostajnica. The assaults occurred in the wake of an anti-Serb riot the previous day in which Croatian Serb houses were vandalized and more than 30 people were reportedly brutally beaten by a mob. Local officials failed to condemn the riot and instead blamed the Croatian Serbs for “causing” the violence. There is concern that Croatian Serbs in the area face further attacks.

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