Tadzhikistan: Human rights violations against opposition activists

Index Number: EUR 60/017/1993

On 21 June 1993 the Supreme Court banned four political parties and movements, the Democratic Party, the Islamic Renaissance Party and the Lali Badakshon and Rastokhez movements. Since November 1992 a number of people linked with these parties have been arrested. This report details the cases of prisoner of conscience Bozor Sobir, and possible prisoners of conscience Dzhumaboy Niyazov and Nuriddin Sadiriddinov. There is also concern at continuing allegations of torture of Mirbobo Mirrakhimov, Akhmadsho Kamilov, Khayriddin Kasymov and Kurshed Nazarov; the death sentence passed on Adzhik Aliyev, and the “disappearance” of Ayniddin Sadykov and Saidsho and Siyarsho Shoyev. Human rights abuses by opposition groups are also reported.

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