Armenia: Comments on the Initial Report submitted to the United Nations Committee Against Torture

Index Number: EUR 54/004/1995

In November 1995 the United Nations Committee Against Torture in Geneva will examine the Initial Report of the Republic of Armenia under the Convention against Torture. Armenian legislation is in transition in many areas and the current legal situation often remains unclear. There have been allegations of ill-treatment in pre-trial detention. Although there is a system for complaints unofficial sources report that many alleged victims do not lodge complaints owing to fear of reprisals. Another avenue for lodging complaints was the parliamentary Commission on Human Rights and Nationalities but this was abolished in July 1995. The new Armenian constitution also retains the death penalty. AI is concerned about continued allegations of torture and ill-treatment in detention and about exisiting legislative measures which appear to facilitate the possiblity of ill-treatment. It makes a number of recommendations to improve the situation.

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