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Further information on UA 395/90 (EUR 48/16/90, 3 October) - Yugoslavia: legal concern: Zenun Celaj

, Index number: EUR 48/019/1990

EXTERNAL (for general distribution) AI Index: EUR 48/19/90
Distr: UA/SC
2 November 1990
Further information on UA 395/90 (EUR 48/16/90, 3 October 1990) - Legal Concern
Zenun Celaj was released from detention on 27 October 1990, on the expiry of
the detention order against him. From the available information it appears
that the public prosecutor did not request a renewal of the detention order.
It is not known whether the investigation is to continue, or whether the charges
against Celaj have been dropped.
Zenun Celaj, an ethnic Albanian journalist and human rights activist,
was arrested on 27 September. He was accused of having been present at, and
having published reports about, a meeting on 7 September at which ethnic Albanian
members of the dissolved Kosovo parliament adopted a constitution designating
Kosovo province (a part of the Republic of Serbia) an independent republic
within the Yugoslav federation.
No further action is required. Thank you to all who sent appeals on
his behalf.

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