Yugoslavia: Further reports of torture and deliberate and arbitrary killings in war zones

Index Number: EUR 48/013/1992

This paper gives new information about alleged human rights violations of both Croatians and Serbians by both sides’ armed forces and paramilitaries. It follows AI’s earlier report, EUR 48/26/91, issued in November 1991. Massacres of civilians at Lovas, Skabrnja, Nadin, Vocin, Hum, Josevica, Glina, Staro Selo, Divos and Paulin Dvor are reported. Arbitrary detentions, “disappearances” and killings are reported from Vukovar, Gospic, Daruvar, Zagreb and Sisak. Details are provided about the treatment of prisoners of war in camps at Stajicevo, Begejci near Zrenjanin (since closed), Sremska Mitrovica Prison in the Vojvodina, Knin Prison, Bucje, Grdjevica, Zadar Prison and in the military prisons at Gospic and Kerestinec.

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