Turkey: Authorities must allow residents of Cizre access to basic needs during prolonged curfew

Amnesty International calls on the Turkish authorities to ensure that residents of Cizre, in Şırnak province, who have been confined to their homes by a round-the-clock curfew since 4 September, are immediately given access to food and other necessities, including medical care. They must also allow observers to enter the city.
The curfew, a total ban on residents leaving their houses, has been accompanied by the cutting of mobile phone signals, the blocking of roads, preventing anyone from entering or leaving the city, and reported cuts to water and electricity. Outside observers have been banned from entering the city, which has a population of over 100,000 people. Amnesty International is extremely concerned regarding the impact of the curfew and associated security measures on the people of Cizre, as it enters the eighth day.

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