Further information on EXTRA 102/92 (EUR 44/127/92, 25 November) – Turkey: fear of torture: fifty people in Viransehir, including: Mahmut Ozkan, Halil Ozkan (apparently not detained), Omer Ozkan, Lokman (son of Mahmut), Abdullah and Cengiz (sons of Halil)

Mahmut Ozkan, Evren Ozkan, Abdullah Ozkan, Sehmuz Ozkan, Cuco Ozkan and his sister Nezan were released on 5 December 1992; Halil Ozkan had apparently not been detained. All the others and Hayriye Ozkan, 18-year-old daughter of Mahmut, were charged and committed to prison in Urfa; charges are thought to concern support for the PKK. Mahmut Ozkan, aged 60, was reportedly forced to watch the torture of members of his family, including his 15-year-old son, Lokman, who suffers from jaundice. None was issued with a medical certificate when examined at the end of the detention period.

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