Turkey: Killing of Resul Sakar in Cizre

Shortly after midnight on 2 November 1992 20-30 plainclothes security force members, apparently including village guards, entered the home of Resul Sakar in the Kurtulus district of Cizre, a town under extremely tight security as the authorities suspect it of providing a base for PKK guerrillas. They dragged Resul Sakar, who was ill in bed, out of his house in his pyjamas and took him away. Gunshots were heard at 3am in a neighbouring district and Resul Sakar’s body was found at 7am. Resul Sakar was a member of the Workers’ Party (Isci Partisi) and had been local president of the Socialist Party which was banned in 1992; both parties were non-violent. He was a former imam at the mosque and is said to have been well-respected locally.

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