Turkey: TURKRAN 08/90: Imprisonment of Ismail Safter, editor of weekly magazine

Index Number: EUR 44/109/1990

The above-named, editor-in-chief of Halk Gercegi (People’s Reality), was arrested in Istanbul on 22 June 1990 and sent to Sagmalcilar Prison, accused of “weakening national feelings” and charged under Article 142(3) of the Turkish Penal Code. He is currently awaiting trial. The magazine started publication at the end of April 1990. Many articles referred to conditions and incidents in southeastern Turkey, where most of the Kurdish population lives. Two out of nine issues have been confiscated so far. On 28 June 1990 the magazine was closed down by the authorities. AI is aware of no evidence that any of the articles in Halk Gercegi advocated the use of violence.

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