TURKRAN 12/90 update no. 2: Turkey: Arrest of Human Rights Association members in Ankara

Index Number: EUR 44/087/1991

On 12 April 1991 the Turkish Parliament passed a new law, the “Anti-Terror” law” and at the same time repealed several articles of the Turkish Penal Code. Among the articles repealed was Article 142/3. This is the article under which the three Human Rights Association members, Vedat Aydin, Ahmet Zeki Okcuoglu and Mustafa Ozer are being tried: repeal of the article means that the defendants will have to be acquitted. Meanwhile, a bomb exploded in Mustafa Ozer’s car which was parked in front of his house in Diyarbakir. Amnesty International has received reports to the effect that the impact of the bomb could have been caused by military explosives. The police have apparently not yet been able to establish the type of explosive used.

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