Further information on UA 149/92 (EUR 44/44/92, 8 May; and follow-ups EUR 44/88/92, 11 September; EUR 44/92/92, 22 September) – Turkey: death threats / fear of extrajudicial execution and new concern: fear for safety: Leyla Zana, Sedat Yurttas, Hatip Dicl

Index Number: EUR 44/082/1993

Democracy Party (DEP) members and MPs continue to be the subject of harassment and possible extrajudicial execution. On 4 September 1993 Mehmet Sincar, DEP MP for Mardin, and Metin Ozdemir, the chairman of the DEP in Batman, were shot dead by three gunmen in Batman, the day after attending the funeral of Habib Kilic, the former chairman of the DEP in Batman who was killed on 1 September. Four other people were wounded in the attack, including the DEP MP, Nizamettin Togus. Later that day the Turkish Revenge Brigade, Turkcu Intikam Tugayl (TIT) claimed responsibility and singled out the Diyarbakir MPs, Sedat Yurttas and Leyla Zana, as being their principle targets. Other DEP MPs who were in Batman at the time of the killing report that they were under heavy police surveillance.

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