TURKRAN 03/91: Turkey: Torture and ill-treatment of minors – two cases

Two cases of alleged cruel and degrading treatment are described in this paper. The first case concerns the reported physical and psychological torture of 14 people, 11 men, a 14-year-old schoolgirl, Ruken Sezer and two young women, Ilkay Akagunduz and Sabiha Adagunduz. They were detained on 17 March 1991 and held in Siirt Police Headquarters where they were allegedly tortured to force them to admit to involvement with the guerilla forces of the Kurdish Workers’ Party. All 14 were formally charged on 5 April; Ruken Sezer was provisionally released on account of her age. Lokman Gulen, aged 10, was detained near Eglence after a rocket attack on 22 April. The police reportedly threatened and beat him to make him inform on alleged contacts between Eglence villagers and Kurdish guerillas.

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