Turkey: Still waiting for change: information on continuing human rights abuses

Amnesty International (AI) continues to be concerned about the types of human rights violations described below. People continue to be detained for non-violently exercising their right to freedom of expression and association. They include Mehmet Fehim Isik and Ali Ozler. Others have been detained and interrogated for short periods. Torture is apparently still widespread and routine: first-hand accounts of cruelty and ill-treatment are given here. Reports of deaths in custody resulting from torture continue: Yakup Aktas, Idris Can, Tevfik Timur, Birtan Altunbas, Ihsan Basbugu, Haydar Arman, Kasim Aras and Ali Riza Aydogan have all died in detention since November 1991. Concerns about the death penalty, unfair trials and extrajudicial killings are also reported.

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