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Further information on UA 498/90 (EUR 44/189/90, 11 December) - Turkey: fear of torture: Felemez Elmas, Lokman Elmas, Suleyman Elmas, Aziz Batu, Rehmetullah Batu, Ekrem Ceylan, Seyhan Bingol, Guri Ozel, Seyithan Ozmen, Irfan Ozturk

, Index number: EUR 44/005/1991

EXTERNAL (for general distribution) AI Index: EUR 44/05/91
Distr: UA/SC
15 January 1991
Further information on UA 498/90 (EUR 44/189/90, 11 December 1990) - Fear of
TURKEY:Felemez Elmas
Lokman Elmas
Süleyman Elmas
Aziz Batu
Rehmetullah Batu
Ekrem Ceylan
Seyhan Bingöl
Guri Özel
Seyithan Özmen
_rfan Öztürk
On 28 December 1990 those named above were unconditionally released. They
had been arrested on 10 December 1990 in Akarsu village in Mardin province,
following an attack the previous day, said to have been carried out by
guerrillas, in which three members of the Elmas family were killed. They were
detained at the Mardin Gendarmerie Regimental Headquarters, and were not allowed
access to their families during detention.
They have reported that they were tortured while in detention. One of
them said: "After being beaten for days, we were suspended by the wrists with
our arms tied behind our backs. While we were hanging there they gave us
electric shocks. While we were there we were continually insulted with language
I cannot repeat. Anyone who ends up in the police station has no way of defending
themselves, they do it to everyone there".
They did not make a formal complaint of torture when they appeared in
court; when asked why not, the informant said: "There is no point in making
a complaint, because everybody knows this torture is going on. Those higher
up know about it - so who can we complain to?". Amnesty International will
investigate these allegations. Meanwhile, no further action is required on
their behalf. Thank you to all who sent appeals.

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