WERAN 50/91: Greece: Alleged torture of Muzaffer Yorulmaz by police in Athens in August 1990

Muzaffer Yorulmaz, a Kurdish asylum-seeker, was arrested on drugs charges in Athens in August 1990. He was allegedly beaten and kicked by four policemen at the time of arrest. He was taken back to his hotel room where he was allegedly further ill-treated while his room was searched. The police reportedly brought a quantity of heroin into Muzaffer Yorulmaz’s room, alleging it was his. He denied possession and was then taken to the Drugs Squad headquarters in Alexandras Avenue, where he was reportedly beaten until he lost consciousness. The next morning he signed a confession, apparently under duress. On the eighth day of his detention in very poor conditions he was brought before a prosecutor, charged and sent to Patras prison. He reportedly bore clear signs of torture.

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