France: The fatal shooting of Mourad Tchier by police at Saint-Fons (Rhone)

Index Number: EUR 21/003/1995

AI is concerned about the death of Mourad Tchier, a French national of Algerian descent, in the area of Saint-Fons on the outskirts of Lyons at around 10pm on 27 December 1993. He was one of four people driving a stolen car which was chased by police. The men abandoned the car and tried to run from the police. Mourad Tchier was shot in the ensuing chase. An autopsy found that he was shot in the back. AI is concerned that police in this case used excessive and lethal force and that this case falls into a pattern of such shootings. AI is also concerned about the conducting of the judicial inquiry into the death of Mourad Tchier and about the length of time being taken to complete the investigation.

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