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Further information on UA 260/93 (MDE 30/07/93, 6 August; and follow-up MDE 30/09/93, 19 August) - Tunisia: fear of torture and new concern: prisoner of conscience: Tawfik Rajhi

, Index number: MDE 30/011/1993

Tawfik Rajhi, who was arrested on 26 July and held in illegally prolonged incommunicado detention for 23 days, was sentenced on 31 August 1993 to two years' imprisonment and two years' administrative control on charges of membership of an unauthorized organization (the Islamic movement al-Nahda). No evidence was brought to court of his membership of al-Nahda nor that he had ever used or advocated violence. He is considered a prisoner of conscience. In court he stated that he had been ill-treated during incommunicado detention, and that he had been forced to sign a police statement without knowing the content. No investigations into these allegations were ordered by the court.

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