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Further information on UA 50/94 (MDE 24/02/94, 14 February) - Syria: health concern / prisoners of conscience: Ahmad Suwaidani, Muhammad 'Id 'Ashawi, Hadithe Murade, Dafi Jam'ani, 'Abd al-Hamid Miqdad, 'Adel Na'issa, Fawzi Rida and Mustafa Rustum

, Index number: MDE 24/004/1994

Ahmad Suwaidani, a 65-year-old prisoner of conscience, is reported to have been released from Teshmin Hospital in Damascus on 21 February 1994. He is now at home with his family. Two of the other long-term prisoners of conscience were released at the same time. They are Hadithe Murade and Mustafa Rustum. The other five are still in detention and AI remains concerned about their health.

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