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Israel/Palestinian Authority: Further information on torture / fear of torture / legal concern

, Index number: MDE 15/061/1996

'Ayman Sliman Muhammad al-Sabbah, Jamal al-Nabulsi, Naser Juma' , Mu'ammar Mabrukeh, 'Abd al -Halim Mabrukeh: On 11 August a lawyer and a fieldworker from the Palestinian Society for the Protection of Human Rights and the Environment (LAWE) visited Jneid Prison in Nablus. They were allowed to visit the prisoners named above (all except 'Ayman Sliman Muhammad al-Sabbah). All four are believed to have been tortured by the naval police. The detainees gave affidavits and signed papers giving lawyer Hosni Kalboni power of attorney to represent them. However, the naval police confiscated the legal documents stating that the detainees would not be allowed any legal advice. Concerns about the tourture of these detainees and the other hundred held in Jneid Prison have not ceased.

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