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Israel and the Occupied Territories: Torture / fear of torture: Ziyadah Qawasmah

, Index number: MDE 15/006/1995

Ziyadah Qawasmah, a student aged 19, has been in detention for 122 days. His lawyer reports that he has been hooded, deprived of sleep for up to six days a week and shackled in painful positions throughout this time. He is still under interrogation by the GSS in Ramallah Prison, where he remains at risk of torture and ill treatment. Ziyadah Qawasmah was not allowed to meet his lawyer until about 25 days after his arrest in November 1994; he still does not have access to his family. His detention has been extented nine times. He reportedly told his lawyer that his interrogators have told him that he would not be allowed leave interrogation without confessing to alleged activities in connection with Hamas. AI is calling for an investigation of the reports of torture and ill-treatment.

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