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Bosnia-Herzegovina: Conscientious objection: Marko and Velibor Lalovic

, Index number: EUR 63/006/1994

Marko and Velibor Lalovic, who are Serbs, have reportedly been detained by Bosnian Government authorities in January 1994, and have been charged with criminal offences, possibly desertion from the armed forces. Although details are difficult to confirm, it appears that they had already been mobilized and had been made to dig trenches near to front-lines. They allegedly deserted their unit when they were asked to carry arms. A trial was reported to have been scheduled for 10 or 11 March 1994, although it has not been confirmed if it took place, or whether they have been found guilty or sentenced. If they were to be imprisoned for their conscientiously held objections to performing military service, they would be considered prisoners of conscience.

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