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Uzbekistan: Further information on Fear of imminent execution, harsh prison conditions - Rafael Farkhatovich MUBARAKSHIN

, Index number: EUR 62/022/2000

Rafael Mubarakshin was executed on 5 July 2000.

PUBLIC AI Index: EUR 62/22/00
13 October 2000
Further information on UA 115/00 (EUR 62/10/00, 11 May 2000) and follow-up
(EUR 62/19/00, 4 August 2000) - Fear of imminent execution/harsh prison
UZBEKISTANRafael Farkhatovich MUBARAKSHIN (_______ __________ __________),
aged 21
Rafael Mubarakshin was executed on 5 July 2000.
When his mother tried to visit him in prison in July, she was refused access.
On 7 August she was told by Tashkent City Court, which sentenced her son to
death in December last year, that he had already been executed. Later that
day she was given the death certificate confirming the execution.
Rafael Mubarakshin’s mother was neither allowed to see the body of her son
to pay her last respects, nor told where his body is buried.
No further action is required from the Urgent Action network. Thank you for
sending appeals.

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