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UA 63/94 - Tadzhikistan: fear of extrajudicial execution / fear of torture / "disappearance": detainees in unacknowledged detention in prison camps allegedly located at Tursunzade, Shambary (Gissar district) and Kalininabad (Khatlon region)

, Index number: EUR 60/002/1994

There is grave concern at allegations that paramilitary forces operating unofficial prison camps have begun systematically executing the detainees held in them. The detainees are allegedly people who have "disappeared" since late 1992, although there are no reliable estimates of the numbers detained. In January 1994 the recently deceased body was found of Mirzonazar Imomnazarov, who "disappeared" in December 1992 following his arrest by pro-government paramilitary forces. He was last seen being taken in the direction of Tursunzade. In late 1993 the identity papers of Kurbonbek Nazarshoyev who "disappeared" in March 1993 after being detained by paramilitary forces, were found in Tursunzade and returned to his family. He is not thought to be alive.

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