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United Kingdom: Summary of human rights concerns

, Index number: EUR 45/006/1995

In this document AI outlines its concerns about a number of human rights violations in the United Kingdom, some of which are of long standing. They include allegations of ill-treatment, deaths in custody, killings by the security forces in Northern Ireland, the curtailing of rights of asylum seekers and fair trial issues. Other concerns are abuses by paramilitary groups in Northern Ireland and the export of equipment which can be used for torture. In particular, AI is concerned about the failure independently and fully to investigate serious allegations of human rights violations; to make public the results of internal investigations and to bring perpetrators of human rights violations to justice. AI urges the Government of the United Kingdom to incorporate the rights recognized in international human rights agreements into UK legislation. The UK should also, AI says, accede to the Optional Protocol of the ICCPR, in order to allow individuals to submit complaints to the UN Human Rights Committee.

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