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EXTRA 102/92 - Turkey: fear of torture: fifty people in Viransehir including: Mahmut Ozkan, Halil Ozkan, Omer Ozkan, Lokman (son of Mahmut), Abdullah and Cengiz (sons of Halil), Mahmut (son of Omer) and the children of a fourth brother: Rusen, Nezan, Cuco

, Index number: EUR 44/127/1992

On 21 November 1992, security forces detained some 50 people in Viransehir, Sanliurfa province, including the above-named members of the Ozkan family. Officers searching the house of Omer Ozkan that morning reportedly found a man wanted by the police: the houses of his brothers were then searched and the men were detained along with other members of the family. They are reportedly being held incommunicado at the Anti-Terror Branch of Sanliurfa Police, presumably on suspicion of supporting PKK guerrillas. AI fear that they may be tortured or ill-treated during interrogation.

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