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Turkey: Further information on prisoners of conscience: Mahmut Sakar, Nimetullah Gunduz, Abdullah Cager, Melike Alp (f), Sinan Tanrikulu, Firat Anli, Hanifi Isik, Serif Atmaca, Servet Ayhan

, Index number: EUR 44/056/1995

Amnesty International has received further information concerning the treatment of Sinan Tanrikulu and Firat Anli after they were taken into custody on 27 February 1995 at the Gendarmerie Regimental Headquarters in Diyarbakir. According to their account of their ten days in incommunicado police custody, both men were subjected to torture and ill-treatment. When the two were brought to court on 9 March, the judge refused to hear any testimony from them. Their next appearance in court is scheduled for 1 May 1995. In a correction to an earlier update of 20 April (EUR 44/52/95), please note that Serif Atmaca was released on 9 March.

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