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Further information on UA 357/91 (ASA 21/18/91, 28 October) - Indonesia / East Timor: extrajudicial executions / arrests / fear of torture: Sebastiao Rangel, Afonso Henriques, Aleo (David Conceicao), Aleixo Gama and 16 others; Aleixo Ximenes, Manuelo Cons

, Index number: ASA 21/019/1991

EXTERNAL (for general distribution) AI Index: ASA 21/19/91
Distr: UA/SC
30 October 1991
Further information on UA 357/91 (ASA 21/18/91, 28 October 1991) - Extrajudicial
Executions/Arrests/Fear of Torture
Afonso Henriques
Aleo (David Conceicao)
and new name Aleixo Gama
and 16 others
Aleixo Ximenes
Manuelo Constantino Cornelio da Piedade
Domingos Barreto
Deolindo Barreto
Didi Boavida
Amnesty International has received further information concerning the reported killing
of two people and the arrest of others when Indonesian security forces entered a parish
church in Dili, East Timor, on 28 October 1991. The information confirms that two young
men were killed and that of about 50 people arrested during the incident 18 remained in
custody as of 30 October. (It was originally reported that about 20 people had been arrested.)
In view of the conflicting accounts of the incident by governmental and non-governmental
sources, and the evidence of security force involvement, Amnesty International is urging
an immediate and impartial investigation of the circumstances of the killings. It remains
concerned that those in custody may be subjected to ill-treatment or torture, and is calling
for the immediate release of all those detained for their non-violent political activities
or beliefs.
Indonesian military spokesmen have confirmed in statements to the press that two young
men, Sebastiao Rangel and Afonso Henriques, were killed at the parish church of Motael
at about 1:30 in the morning of 28 October. They denied that the two had been killed by
Indonesian security forces, saying instead that the two had been killed by pro-independence
activists hiding in the church during a fight with a number of "passers-by". They also
said that security forces had discovered pro-independence literature, flags and banners,
as well as knives inside the church.
Witnesses claimed that the "passers-by" were in fact military intelligence agents who had
come to arrest the political activists hiding inside. According to reports, they first
demanded that the pastor hand over the youths, but the pastor refused. About 15 minutes
later they reportedly ran into the church compound shouting "Thief! Catch the thief!".
The youths ran out of the church to see what was happening and a clash ensued. People in
the area heard automatic weapons fire for several minutes and later discovered that two
people had been killed.
The military commander for East Timor, Brigadier General Warouw reportedly also said that
the two victims had been stabbed with knives. However, eyewitnesses said that at least
one of the two, Sebastiao Rangel, had been shot through the head. The second victim, Afonso
Henriques, had apparently been stabbed but it was unclear whether he had been among those
hiding in the church or among the "passers-by".
Page 2 of FU 357/91
On 30 October military authorities in Dili confirmed that about 50 people had been detained
in connection with the Motael incident, but that all except 18 had been released after
questioning. They also confirmed that one of those arrested was Aleo (David Conceicao),
who had been arrested on previous occasions for his pro-independence activities and who
had reportedly been tortured in military custody. Independent sources identified a second
detainee as Aleixo Gama, 23, who had also been arrested on previous occasions for his
political activities, and tortured while in custody (see: AI Statement to the UN Special
Committee on Decolonization, ASA 21/14/91, August 1991). The names of the other 16 detainees
are not yet known.
There is no new information concerning Aleixo Ximenes, Manuelo Constantino Cornelio da
Piedade, Domingos Barreto, Deolindo Barreto and Didi Boavida.
FURTHER RECOMMENDED ACTION: Telegrams/telexes/faxes/express and airmail letters:
- expressing serious concern at the reported killing of two unarmed men, Sebastiao Rangel
and Afonso Henriques by members of the security forces;
- urging the authorities to conduct a prompt and impartial investigation into these possible
extrajudicial executions, with the results of the investigation to be made public; and
asking to be informed of the progress of the investigation;
- stressing the need for immediate and impartial investigations into the killings in view
of the conflicting accounts of the incident, and the evidence of security force involvement;
- expressing concern at the continued detention of 18 people following the incident in
a Dili church; and asking to be informed of the precise reasons for their arrest;
- asking the authorities to release those detained solely for their non-violent political
activities or beliefs;
- seeking assurances that those detained will be humanely treated;
- calling on the authorities to ensure that all those believed responsible for unlawful
killings or ill-treatment of prisoners are brought to justice.
1. (Minister of Justice)
Ismail Saleh, SH Your Excellency
Jalan Rasuna Said, Kav 6-7
Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia
Telegrams: Justice Minister, Jakarta,
Telexes: 44404 DITJENIM IA
Faxes: + 62 21 32 1625
3. (National Chief of Police)
Lieut. Gen. Drs. Kunarto Dear
Kepala Kepolisian RI Lieutenant General
Markas Besar Kepolisian RI
Jalan Trunojoyo 13
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan
Telegrams: Lt. Gen. Drs. Kunarto, Kepala
Kepolisian RI, Jakarta,
2. (Military Commander for East Timor)
Brig. Gen. Warouw Dear Brigadier
Markas Besar KOREM 164 General
Dili, Timor Timur
East Timor
Telegrams: Brig. Gen Warouw, Dili, East
4. (Commander in Chief, Armed Forces)
General Try Sutrisno Dear General
Commander of the Armed Forces
Markas Besar ABRI, Cilangkap
East Jakarta, Indonesia
Telegrams: Gen. Sutrisno, Markas Besar
Abri, Jakarta, Indonesia
Faxes: + 62 21 36 1471 (Armed Forces HQ)
+ 62 21 37 8144) (Army HQ)
+ 62 21 35 6404) " "
(Governor of East Timor)
Ir. Mario Carrascalao
Gubernur KDH Tk. 1 Timor Timur
Jalan Inpantai D. Hendrikue, Dili
East Timor
Telegrams: Gubernur Carrascalao, Dili, East Timor
and to diplomatic representatives of Indonesia in your country
PLEASE SEND APPEALS IMMEDIATELY. Check with the International Secretariat, or your section
office, if sending appeals after 11 December 1991.

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