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Further information on UA 261/94 (ASA 20/21/94, 6 July) - India: fear of torture / fear of "disappearance": Ajit Kumar Bhuyan

, Index number: ASA 20/025/1994

Ajit Kumar Bhuyan is being held in police custody and is presently in the Guwahati Medical College Hospital receiving medical treatment. Doctors are reportedly refusing the police permission to interrogate Mr Bhuyan further while he remains in hospital. He had been held in unacknowledged detention for three days until a relative filed a habeas corpus petition on 8 July at the Assam High Court which then ordered that he be produced in court on 9 July and that he be given any medical attention required. He is said to suffer from asthma. Mr Bhuyan is reportedly being held under the Terrorist and Disruptive (Prevention) Activities Act (TADA).

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