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People's Republic of China: Chen Ziming's health deteriorates

, Index number: ASA 17/076/1995

After he was released on medical parole on 13 May 1994, Chen Ziming, a 43-year-old prisoner of conscience, was recently re-imprisoned on 25 June 1995. He is ill with cancer and other ailments and his health has continued to deteriorate. His medical records have reportedly disappeared from the hospital, and his bank account has been frozen, denying his wife any means to pay his medical expenses. She herself was forced to remain in the prison nursing him during the UN World Conference on Women. On 13 October Chen Ziming began a hunger-strike in Beijing Prison No 2 in an attempt to receive proper medical care for his advanced cancer. His mother has also reportedly applied for permission to hold a public demonstration on 22 October in Beijing to demand her son's release on medical grounds.

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