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UA 222/93 - Colombia: extrajudicial execution / fear for safety: Hermes Osvaldo Jimenez Barco, Linder Osvaldo Jimenez Barco, Gilberto Martinez

, Index number: AMR 23/040/1993

Two brothers, Hermes and Linder Jimenez, were killed on 17 May 1993, after witnessing a search and robbery at a police post. The post was not usually occupied at that time, but recently a blue, unmarked Toyota Land Cruiser had been seen conducting searches there after 8pm. After witnessing the robbery, shots were fired at them, and Hermes was killed instantly. They were all then abducted. Gilberto Martinez, the driver of the searched car, and five others with him were released, but Linder Jimenez was killed and the two brothers' bodies were found near the abandoned car. There are fears for the safety of Gilberto Martinez and his fellow passengers who have stated that two of their attackers were members of SIJIN, the Intelligence Unit of the National Police

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