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Further information on UA 22/93 (AMR 23/04/93, 29 January and follow-up AMR 23/05/93, 2 February) - Colombia: fear of "disappearance" / torture and new concern: possible extrajudicial execution: Ramon Villegas, Gustavo Coronel, Luis Alfonso Ascanio, Wilso

, Index number: AMR 23/013/1993

The bodies of Gustavo Coronel, Luis Alfonso Ascanio and Wilson Quintero have been found and identified. They had been detained on 12 January 1993 by members of the army's Mobile Brigade no. 2 but their detention was subsequently denied. Ramon Villegas is reportedly still held by the army but the circumstances of his detention are not clear. Luis Ernesto Ascanio (no relation to Luis Alfonso Ascanio), aged 15, has not been seen since 26 January 1993. His family were reportedly being held hostage by the Mobile Brigade no. 2 at the time. His mother and the other younger children have managed to leave the area.

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