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UA 206/93 - Brazil: possible extrajudicial execution: Amancio Francisco Dias (includes correction)

, Index number: AMR 19/019/1993

Amancio Francisco Dias, 41, president of the Rural Workers Union of Belem de Maria, was killed on 14 June 1993 in Pernambuco state. On the evening of 14 June two men called on his home alleging they had just been dismissed from a sugar cane plantation and needed some advice. Amancio Fransisco Dias had reportedly been one of the most active union leaders in what is known as "Zona da Mata" (the sugar cane area of Pernambuco State), and had recently been putting pressure on some refinery owners to pay outstanding debts to the workers. When his wife opened the door, the gunmen opened fire, hitting Amancio Francisco Dias in the face, killing him instantly. In the weeks before his killing he had allegedly been receiving death threats.

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