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Americas: On the Front Line, November 2002. Vol.6, No.3.

, Index number: AMR 01/007/2002

1.) Colombia: Human rights defenders call on government to set up meaningful dialogue; 2.) Open letter to President Alvaro Uribe Vélez, Bogotá, D.C., 9 September 2002; 3.) Brazil: Human rights defenders under attack in Espirito Santo; 4.) Latin American and Caribbean consultation on Human Rights Defenders; 5.) Argentina: Situation of human rights defenders presented to Inter-American Human Rights Commission; 6.) News: Colombia: First anniversary of the killing of Yolanda Cerón; Mexico: A year on from the killing of Digna Ochoa; 7.) Colombia: CSPP members threatened; 8.) Guatemala: Conavigua member tortured and murdered.

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