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Further information on UA 114/92 (AFR 36/09/92, 6 April and follow-ups AFR 36/10/92, 14 April, AFR 36/13/92, 30 April, AFR 36/17/92, 8 May, AFR 36/19/92, 12 May, AFR 36/23/92, 5 June, AFR 36/32/92, 13 July, AFR 36/34/92, 15 July and AFR 36/39/92, 15 Septe

, Index number: AFR 36/004/1993

On 12 January 1993 the High Court refused an application by Chakufwa Chihana's lawyer for bail pending his appeal against a two-year sentence for "sedition". No date has been set for the appeal. Chakufwa Chihana is a prisoner of conscience, imprisoned for the peaceful expression of his political views. He is held in Mikuyu Prison in Zomba and has been denied access to his family since his trial. He has been allowed to see his lawyer only once . He suffers from a heart condition but it is not known what medical treatment he is being given.

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