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Kenya: Further information on arbitrary arrest / fear of ill-treatment / fear of refoulement

, Index number: AFR 32/043/1997

More than 80 Rwandese nationals including: Emmanuel Bizimana, Speciose Kayitesi (f), Appollinaire Kanyenzi and his wife, Alfred Munyandekwe, Moise Ntunda, Bertrude Mukasanga (f), Evariste Nyerengoga, Mediatrice Mukantagara (f), Marie-Therese Mbonabarigi, Chris Kabera, Straton Bizimana; new names: Dr Imelda Kanyange (f), Jeanne Francoise Bucyana (f), Patricia Bucyana (f, 8), Cecile Nakure (f) and her two daughters, the wife of Jean-Baptiste Ngarambe and her two children (aged 2 and 5), Claudien; at least 30 Burundi nationals, including Stephanie Mbanzendore (f), Jean Bosco Ntakarutimana, Alexis Harushukuri, Albert Nshimirimana, Meetusela, Cyprien Manirakiza, Deo, Pamela Magerique, Daphrose Manitakiza (f), Amelia Magari, Idi Amin Niyonzima, Venant Nicishatse, Thierry Niyongabo (15), Albert Nshimirimana, Beatrice Niyungeko, Ncuti Noel Mathieu (12), David Gatore (10), Ivan Gasore (9), Didier Nigimbere (12), Christelle Akimana (f, 13), Pascal Niyongabo, Stephanie Mbanzendore, Louise Ndizigiye (f), her sister and five children: There have been further reports of the arbitrary arrest of Rwandese and Burundi nationals. There is concern that they face deportation to Rwanda and Burundi where they may be at risk of serious human rights violations.

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