Viet Nam: Human rights defender arbitrarily detained: Nguyen Thuy Hanh

Prominent human rights defender and advocate Nguyen Thuy Hanh, was arrested on 7 April 2021 and charged under Article 117 of the Criminal Code for “opposing the State of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam”, carrying a potential prison sentence of up to 20 years. Nguyen Thuy Hanh, through the organization she founded, the 50K Fund, has provided essential humanitarian support to countless unjustly detained prisoners and their families. The arrest of Nguyen Thuy Hanh is likely to have a serious negative impact on the welfare of many unjustly detained prisoners in Viet Nam. The Vietnamese authorities must immediately and unconditionally release her as she is a prisoner of conscience, detained solely for peacefully exercising her human rights and carrying out vital humanitarian work.

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