Taiwan: Executions reach record level

This paper describes Amnesty International’s concern about the increased use of the death penalty in Taiwan: as of 23 September, 69 people had been executed. This already exceeds the high number recorded in 1989 (68) and is a major increase on previous years. The Judicial Yuan’s official comment on the 1990 Amnesty International Report is referred to. Details are given of executions in September / October 1990 (Tseng Fan-jui and Huang Tien-yuan), death sentences upheld by Supreme Court (Hwang Wen-kui, Lin Wen-kui, Twa Tsun-hsu and Wang Ming-chuan) and new death sentences (Lu Kyan-min, Kao Chih-nan, Yang Shuang-ku, Hu Shui-chin, Huang Hung-yu). It concludes by reporting AI’s concerns about recent death penalty legislation in Taiwan.

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