Philippines: “Disappearances” in the context of counter-insurgency

This report describes a pattern of “disappearances” during 1990 and provides details of the fate some 25 of the “disappeared”. In most cases where there is reliable evidence, the perpetrators have been members of the various security forces or semi-official vigilante groups. The cases detailed here are: Soledad Mabilangan , Alita Bona, Helen Trembevilla and Rosario Lodrono: reappeared in detention; Felipe “Wilson” Leonidas, Efren Concepcion, Nicolas Lopez, Reynaldo Santos, Roberto Lopez, Nestor Loberio, Diomedes “desi” Abawag: killed; Maximiano “Jun mesina, Felix Dimitui, Antonio Buenavista, Amelia Tena, Allan Gitanes, Bonifacio and Rufino Sabanal, Mamerto Lupicio, Edmundo Carias, Jimmy Badayos, Pedro Bulalacao, Josefa Padcayan, Marcelo Bawagan, Arnel Hidalgo: missing.

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